Back dating child benefit

Posted by / 08-Feb-2018 17:37

HMRC has revealed 120 cases since last October where Concentrix did not “meet performance criteria set out in its contract, but the actual number may be significantly higher.

The Facebook campaign group Concentrix Mums, which has 7,300 members, says hundreds more people have been affected.

Its arguable that the penalty legislation cannot apply to the return because it was correct when ‘given’ to HMRC.

However, this legislation was written when subsequent events could not affect the liability to tax for a particular year.

This decision was appealed on the grounds that the Appellant derived a right of residence from her son, an Irish and of December 2006.

The Appellant was subsequently successful in her applications for Rent Supplement and One Parent Family Payment and was awarded arrears of payments dating back to 2006 which amounted to approximately €16,000.

The need to check the living arrangements of your client in the tax year concerned, then establish whether they or their partner received child benefit, and which partner’s income is the higher is a challenge to deliver practically in a way that does not give rise to unbillable time.

However, as we go forward with the charge, there is another aspect that may cause problems for both you and your clients.

If you are a single mother or father you can receive extended benefit if you are living alone with the child and See rates.

Thousands of people who wrongly had tax credits stopped may be able to claim back-dated payments.

Concentrix, which which was supposed to save the government £1 billion by cutting tax credit fraud and overpayment, had its contract terminated on Tuesday after a series of blunders which have left thousands without access to vital cash were uncovered by the BBC.

Explain why you think it is wrong and supply evidence to support this.

Appeals take around a month to process but the timelined is not guaranteed.

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