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Also, any direction for a source for Becker to these specific new radio wire harness adapters (I'd like NOT to modify the stock harness) would be helpful. Thanks, John I gutted the stereo on my 360 and replaced everything. I found the Alpine had the best combination of features and functions vs. I did work myself and if you want more details, PM me Steve I've just installed an IVA 511 which has the motorised screen, along with the sat/nav module and phone interface plus rear view camera, looks and sound good and reversing improved.Next upgrade will be the Audison Bit 1 or 10 with external amp and new speakers.

It is really fancy with all the bells and whistles.It depends on what radio unit you get but the adapters are out there.i decided to go with a Pioneer unit so I needed this one. The replacement is the Focal 13WS that is available various places ... Focal Utopia Be 13 WS Shallow-mount 5" 4-ohm subwoofer at Three note worthy things to point out ...Maybe I need to read the directions, it might do this.Lo Li may grow to like this unit but as of now i am fairly disappointed. there are unlabeled wires and no indication from the manual if they are front or rear rya out.

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The install was the biggest question we had for our little SUV....double or single din? Don't have to pay a fee There is an option that reminds you of your speed limit, hubby laughs when I go over 5 mph the speed limit (you can turn this off) Bluetooth with our four devices, easy connect and disconnect to next device. There a lots more options that I have not mentioned so read the details from various web sites Cons: There is not a Mute button.

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