Dating a sickle cell patient

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Dating a sickle cell patient

This proclamation supports the Michigan Department of Community Health’s (MDCH) efforts to address the burden of sickle cell disease across the lifespan of affected children and adults.

With frequencies of the sickle cell trait as high as 35% in some communities and a custom encouraging first cousin marriages, it is clear that many children are born with sickle cell disease or with thalassaemia which is also prevalent in this community.Sickle cell disease, often called “sickle cell anemia,” is the most commonly inherited blood disorder in the United States.The condition causes red blood cells to form an abnormal crescent shape making them rigid and sticky, which leads to clogged or closed blood vessels.This work has focused on the many benign aspects of patients with sickle cell disease who are known to have the Asian haplotype (different from the forms of disease occurring in Africa).Patients with this form of disease have less problems in early childhood, less leg ulceration, priapism, and acute chest syndrome and many more survive to advanced ages.

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Hofuf is one of two oases in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia where sickle cell disease is an important problem.