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Updating tables within cursor loop

I have posted my current code down below, but my issue is that the table never refreshes with the current data that corresponds with the city that is currently selected via the loop. I've tried adding some wait times into the code, in hopes that it would give it enough time to allow the table to refresh, but that had no affect. List Objects("Data Table") ' get rid of those pesky warnings to overwrite files Application. Some people have been able to get it to work by calling twice but it's pretty much random/arbitrary timing.With that being said, if I hit the Sub Macro1() Dim WS As Worksheet Dim WS2 As Worksheet Dim CT As Variant Dim MSG As String Set WS = Sheets("Sheet1") Set WS2 = Sheets("Sheet2") CT = Range("A1"). I have also turned off , and that doesn't seem to do anything either. There should be an Excel option to uncheck in the Data Tables properties or you might be able to update the Background Query = False property from VBA through a reference to it If you disable background refreshing then your code will sit and wait for the refresh to complete before moving on.Recordsets are like tables and when you loop through one, you are literally moving from record to record in sequence.As you move through the records the EOF property is set to false but after you try and go past the last record, the EOF property becomes true.Current Region For i = 2 To UBound(CT, 1) MSG = "" For J = 1 To UBound(CT, 2) WS. Value = CT(i, J) //Places the city into Cell $D which is where The Data Table looks to for the parameter. Right now it just loops through the city table, and with each city it shows that the query is refreshing, but after the query is finished refreshing, it goes onto the next city without ever updating The Data Table. Sub Refresh All Cities() Dim ws1, ws2 As Worksheet Dim lo Cities, lo Data Table As List Object Dim lr As List Row Set ws1 = Active Workbook. I have read this as well, and even seen the "Two Refresh" trick, but unfortunately it didn't work. When testing your code, it seems to simply place the name of the city in the Data Table, rather than actually refreshing the table based on the [email protected] -- I know this is unconventional, but is there any way you can post your spreadsheet somewhere?changed_buff.count INSERT INTO changed VALUES changed_buff( i ); END; --- EDIT --- version with cursor for small sets of data ----- Yes, for small sets of data bulk collecting doesn't give significant increase of the speed, and plain cursor with for.is sufficient in such a case.Below is an example how tu use the cursor together with update, notice the create or replace PROCEDURE pro_cedure( p_dept_id number ) IS CURSOR mycursor IS SELECT deptno, comm, extra FROM emp WHERE comm IS NULL AND extra IS NOT NULL AND deptno = p_dept_id FOR UPDATE; BEGIN FOR emp_rec IN mycursor LOOP UPDATE emp SET comm = extra WHERE CURRENT OF mycursor; INSERT INTO changed( deptno, oldval, newval, seq_nextval) VALUES( emp_rec.deptno, emp_rec.comm, emp_rec.extra, sequence_name.nextval ); END LOOP; END; Sorry i just edited , now there is only deptno 20, but how to insert if many comm= null gets updated..

Please download Looping Through A Recordset Recordsets have two important properties when looping through data, EOF (End-Of-File) and BOF (Beginning-Of-File).I want to loop through the City List and for each city in the list, update The Data Table to reflect the data points for the city. Could you share your workbook test that worked, and maybe I can reverse engineer it?Ultimately, I would like to loop through and each time The Data Table is refreshed, it saves a copy of the workbook with that specific table. Refresh Next i End Sub It's almost as though the macro is running too fast for the table to catch up and refresh. By default Excel will "Enable Background Refresh" which will allow Excel to move on and continue execution before the query refresh is actually finished.This chapter explains how to create and use PL/SQL collection and record variables.These composite variables have internal components that you can treat as individual variables.

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as i mentioned in code to insert into changed_comm , to be done in single procedure only.

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