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Validating your website

There are various types of HTML validators: some only check for errors, while others also make suggestions about your code, telling you when it might lead to (say) unexpected results.

The W3 Consortium has its own online validator which you can use for free.

XHTML is the newest standard for this hybrid markup language designed for web documents.

It is a combination of classic HTML and advanced XML.

W3C validation is the process of checking a websites code to determine if it follows the formatting standards.

Validation helps teach best practices Having standards-compliant code is the best practice for web design.One of the discussions that arises from time to time in web development circles is that of validating your code. It’s no different than comparing a sentence you write to the rules of grammar for the language you wrote it in.Some will insist your pages need to validate 100% and others will tell you it’s not even worth checking as long as your pages work. In fact the grammar analogy is a good one to keep in mind when you think of validating your Christopher Heng, Whether you design your web page using a visual web editor like Expression Web, Dreamweaver or Blue Griffon, or you code HTML directly with a simple text editor, the generally recommended practice is to validate it after you finish designing it.This article discusses what validation means, points you to some of the free tools that you can use, and deals with its limitations and the problems that a new webmaster may face. Otherwise you'll be completely lost here since I assume you at least know what these terms mean.

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Errors in your code can affect your sites performance and also make a big impact on you sites SEO, search engines check the HTML or XHTML code of your website when searching.